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We have a Kiosk, which on arrival you check into. There are cold drinks, ice creams, and snacks available from here. We also sell ice, and can keep your fish refrigerated for you on a hot day!
Entry Fees

Adults- $14.00
Children-$12.00(Under age 3 free)

This includes, use of the fishing rods, bait, barbeques, your fish cleaned for you and use of the playgrounds, toilets and all park facilities.


We not only just cater for families, we have group deals for large groups of people, disability access for any disability groups that may want to come in. Please call to prior if you're a school group or a large disability group. 

Strictly no pets or other animals, as we are a farm and have animals of our own.

We have various of species of fish for punters to catch here at the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.
They include,
Rainbow Trout big and small, Golden Rainbow TroutBrook Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

All fish that are caught, must be kept no throwing fish back.

Prices subject to change, please call (03) 5968 4711 if unsure. Thankyou

Rainbow Trout


ATlantic Salmon

golden trout


RAINBOW TROUT sell for $29.90 per kg


 ATLANTIC SALMON sell for $39.90 per kg

We offer cleaning and processing services for your fresh catch as well!

Cleaning(Gutting) -
Fillets- $5

Cutlet- $6


Sashimi- $7

 GOLDEN TROUT sell for $29.90 per kg

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